An excellent Brett Fancy. Thom Dibdin : The Stage

The excellently named Brett Fancy.
Andrew Haydon : Postcards from the Gods

I thought Brett fancy was a breed of show chicken.
Stafford Hill: Daily star...

Terrifically well acted by Brett Fancy.
Lyn Gardner : The Guardian

The acting honours go to BF
who does the most excellent job.

John Peter: The Guardian...

the amazingly charismatic Fancy. Talentspotters please note...
John Thaxter: the Stage

He is so watchable that he must have the word Charisma tattooed on his chest.

Margaret Forward: TV People.

BF is effortlessly engaging with accidental charisma and artless eccentricity keeping his rapt audience tickled with lots of laughs

Patrick Marmian: Time Out

BF's conviction and invention create a genuinely heroic figure
Colin Affleck: The Scotsman

..Particularly noteworthy were Brett Fancy's Bob Cratchit, a substantial character...
Irene Rostron : G.o.d.a

BF is every bit as excellent ... his acting is a Joy to watch
and one of the best performances I've seen for a long time
... he makes the character totally believable on all levels...

His career shows considerable versatility...
Dear Kevin Lloyd: Derbyshire News

Brett Fancy has the perfect name to be an actor or a chef
and thanks to the onstage kitchenette he does both...very well indeed! A very likeable performance carried of with aplomb

Tassos Stevens: Whats on

BF... was superb and his timing
in this wonderful comedy was masterful.

SD: Burton Mail

...BF reveals a truly delightful delicacy
of timing in speach and action...

Frank Eggins : The Stage

...BF gave a sparkling performance, becoming more in tune with the audience as the evening progressed and being rewarded with hearty laughter...

FP: The News

...the brilliant timing by Bf who ...
provided a masterpiece of repartee...

John Wrigley: Leisure Times

His spirited and literate performance
is a veritable tour de force.

Brian G Cooper: The Stage


KILL ME NOW . Nayland Smith
"...The acting in this movie ranges from good to great, and there's not a single bad performance. Jacob Reed and Michael Swaim make for fine leads, while Brett Fancy is fantastic as the killer ... by far the best character who lends so much humour to the film! His dialogue is highly likely to leave you in stitches practically every time he opens his mouth. As for how he's written, it's very good! He's not just a faceless and personality-less lug with a machete and drill, but a more well-rounded antagonist..."

'YOU WON CANNES'- Greg Dinskisk:

The killer, the Driller Killer, played by Brett Fancy is incredibly funny.