'George' Chris Loizou TRUK
This indi-Feature Film 'UNTITLED', Is now available to watch on AMAZON & PRIME.

10 WINS and 8 more nominations



On the verge of his biggest deal yet, indie film producer Kurt Lovell is stuck in his office killing time waiting for the 6pm call that will change his life. As the hours tick by, via phone, email, Face Time, Skype and text, we get to meet the people who inhabit Kurt's world, including his unhappy wife, an obsessive writer, a drug dealing investor, the actress he has had an affair with, and his agent. But life begins to imitate art and events start to spiral out of control until Kurt is not quite sure what is or isn't part of his reality.

Directed by Chris Loizou and produced by Mike Capon and Truk Films. Casting Director Carolyn McLeod    

This is a dark, wry and audacious modern day, genre busting film noir.

A film that clashes against the technology by which we live our lives today and smashes against the very essence of independent film making and story telling in film.

Taking screenwriting head on and twisting it inside out justifying every film making & storytelling faux pas to create a risky, sexy and stylish thriller feature like none seen before



GEORGE is Kurt's agent,
... his trusted friend and confident.


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