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Journey to the Center
of the Brain
'Neo Cortex' Trish Lee MakeBelieve Arts

Journey to the center of the brain

MakeBelieve Arts, is a theatre company that offers high quality performance programmes to develop the creative, emotional and cognitive potential of children in schools across the UK.

We first toured 'Journey to the Centre of the Brain', an interactive touring theatre show for KS2 across the south of the UK in Dec 2013 Feb 2014.

The show is about the exciting things that happen in our brain to allow us to learn. It includes a practical insight in to the development of our emotional intelligence that is both invaluable to pupils and teachers alike.

We were supported by Pediatric Neurologist, Andrew Curran, who blew our minds with his knowledge and insights into how our brains work.


Character 'Neo Cortex'.


Trish Lee, Artistic Director at MakeBelieve Arts and I came up with a plan to further support the students learning, by using an online resource to accompany the show.

An increased understanding of the science might be achieved when an audience member visits the same information but via a different platform, eg online sketches and films.

I was part of the team that successfully secured funding from the Wellcome Trust to look in to this idea in detail.

Through an improvisation process, and alongside Simon Corris from Amulet films, we created nine short films about the parts of the brain that are key to learning. This resource was able to support and accompany the second tour of the show in early 2016.

Please visit to learn more about this project and to view all the films created.


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