"How does one categorize an actor with this kind of range, experience and adaptability? One salutes Brett Fancy with a term that sounds humble but in the profession is invested with the highest regard – jobbing actor. To every part, violent or tender, heroic or bruised, Brett Fancy brings a sensitivity that is the Brett Fancy hallmark, bred of experience and an innate awareness of theatricality, of what will work on screen, and of what will transmit across the theatre’s footlights". S.Mowat

KILL ME NOW . Nayland Smith . Not this Time
"Brett Fancy is fantastic as the killer, the best character who lends so much humour to the film! He's not just a faceless and personality-less lug with a machete and drill, but a well-rounded antagonist, and his dialogue is highly likely to leave you in stitches practically every time he opens his mouth."

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'UNTITLED' is in Post Production. Feature Film . Character 'Agent' George
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